Convention Rules and Policies

SwampCon is held on a college campus, aims toward family friendliness, and seeks to provide a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for all of its attendees and guests. To that end, in order to ensure that everyone has happy experience at the convention, all attendees agree to the following:

General Conduct

All attendees should adhere to common sense while on the premises. We discourage disruptive behaviors such as tackling, stealing, throwing projectiles, loud noise makers and essentially anything that may disrupt other’s enjoyment of the convention. If an activity seems like it may be offensive or disruptive to the event, convention staff reserve the final say and right to remove the offending element from the premises. Rule of thumb, if your action might offend or bother someone else’s experience at the convention, then you should not perform said action. Please maintain personal hygiene during the convention, but avoid wearing strong perfumes or colognes.

By attending SwampCon, you agree to uphold the values and general conduct of SwampCon and the University of Florida policies.

Building Regulations

The Reitz Union is intended for a multitude of purposes throughout the year unrelated to SwampCon. Please do not post posters to the walls or draw on the surfaces of the building without authorization and consent from the convention staff and the Reitz Union building services. For more information, please visit UF’s Reitz Union Terms and Conditions.

Costumes and Weapons

Guidelines for Weapons vs. Props from UF Police Department:

UFPD would prefer that no toy weapons are brought in so as not to cause problems.  If they are, they must meet the toy gun requirement described in the Department of Housing Handbook (

The use of toy guns or weapons, which resemble real weapons is not permitted. Toy guns which are permitted (i.e. nerf-type guns, water guns) must be clearly marked with bright colors and seen out in the open at all times. All weapons (as props) must be clearly marked/tagged with bright color tape by Gator Anime volunteers. Guests are only permitted to wear masks inside an event room.

Full face masks are not allowed.


Children should have either their parents or a guardian watching over them as that is responsible and conducive to safety overall. Bear in mind that some of the events in the later evening are intended for a more mature audience.


SwampCon, the University of Florida and affiliates are not responsible for loss, damage, theft, or injury caused during the convention. Attendees are responsible for their individual actions and any further consequences that may result thereof. We will make our best effort to help attendees in need during the convention.


Themes and content presented in panels or events do not necessarily reflect the values and opinions of the SwampCon Staff, the University of Florida, or affiliates. Discretion is advised.