HACKED: Indiegogo Discounts Available Now

MAR̴̨̹̟̳̠̖̭͔͛̆̚͜ͅS̷̢̝̠͇̣̳̲͎̠̫͖̓̾̀͂͜H̶͓͍̼̗̟̠̘͚͚̙̙̅͂̄͌͌͘͝ͅC OR̶̢̛͕̬͉̲͉͙̙̺̮̟͖͛͑͆̊ͅͅP̶̧̢̲̼̩͍̝̖͙͑͋̓̕ wou ld l̷̠̩̦͔̯̊͌̓͝͝-̵͈̳́̋̏-̸̡̗͕̗̂̑

[ heads up, hackers, select INDIEGOGO tiers are discounted until the fundraiser ends. get in while u can 😉 ]


SwampCon: HACKED Indiegogo Now Live

Fantastic news, citizens: SwampCon: HACKED’s fall Indiegogo is now live!

We here at MARSHCORP LLC have been working day and night to present the best convention we’ve ever put on, but to do that we need your help! Our venue, guests and performers, merchandise, and refreshments all amount to a sizable bill at the end of the year, and to keep SwampCon free and accessible we rely on your generosity to help cover it. (Plus, you can score some sweet loot in the process.)

Check out the Indiegogo here. 

The fundraiser also explains a little more about our convention’s inner workings, so even if you’re not in a position to donate be sure to give it a look anyway!

As always, we are honored to receive your support. SwampCon is and always has been a labor of love, and without you we would never have made it to where we are today. We look forward to seeing you at the con (and we hope we’ll be handing you your donation rewards when we do)!

ALERT: Applications Close Soon!

Happy Thursday, citizens! MARSHCORP’s dedicated staff would like to remind you:

Artist Alley/Vendor’s Hall Applications and Panel Submissions close October 1st!

That’s just five days away! If you’ve been waiting to make your submission, make sure to do it soon. Panel submissions will reopen soon, but Artist and Vendor applications will be closed for good, so don’t hesitate if you’re interested in exhibiting at SwampCon: HACKED.

The Artist and Vendor application is available here. Any questions can be directed to our Exhibits Chair at exhibit@swampcon.com.

The panel submission form is available here. Please direct questions to our Panel Coordinator at panels@swampcon.com.

That’s all, citizens! We can’t wait to see your submissions!

Vendor/Artist Applications and Panel Submission Now Open

We here at MARSHCORP LLC are happy to announce that SwampCon 2020’s Artist Alley and Vendor Hall applications are now open! We look forward to seeing the return of some familiar faces, but we also encourage new artists and vendors to give our little convention a shot. Your continued interest in SwampCon is always a huge honor!

Applications close October 1st, though, so make sure to get those contracts in ASAP.

Information about the SwampCon 2020 Artist Alley and Vendor Hall, along with the application, can be found here. 


And, if you’re the outgoing type, our panel applications are now open as well! We always strive to provide the very best programming for SwampCon, and for that we need your help. If you have a killer panel idea, please don’t hesitate to pitch it to us! We are always thrilled to see the work and creativity that go into each and every panel.

Panel applications are available here.

Panel applications are received and processed on a rolling basis, so make sure to get your application finished early!

MARSHCORP Proudly Presents: SWAMPCON 2020

Good evening con-goers, Marsh Corporation is beyond ͟thri̴ll͟ed̴ to ̵we ̴a̶re͞ b͜e̕y̴ón̨d ţhr̀il̨led̀ to w̧̛e̢̧ ̢̛a͜r҉e wȩ ͝a͏r҉e ̢Ẁ͟͡E̛ ̴͜AR͞E̸͝ CÓ͢N͏

swampcon attendees... MARSHCORP is a threat to your con experience and they’ve now taken over swampcon. they’re planning it for March 14th-15th, it’ll be at the Reitz Student Union in Gainesville, Florida, totally free, just like always. but don’t worry, we’re on your side. keep your eyes open and your wits about you. we will protect swampcon. DO NOT TRUST MARSH CORP. JOIN THE RESISTANCE!