It’s with a heavy heart we have come to inform you that SwampCon will not be happening this weekend. Staff is currently figuring out how we would like to proceed with the event and to find solutions that best work during these times. Please continue checking back on our social media for updates!

We deeply apologize for cancelling on such short notice. The University of Florida has given us the strong recommendation to cancel the event due to the spread of COVID-19. The news of the first confirmed case in Gainesville was announced only within the last 48 hours. Our staff has made the official decision to cancel now due to the information we have recently received and for the sake of public health and safety. Things are happening at a rapid rate and we are trying our best to keep up with them and make decisions in the best interest of our attendees.

We are messaging our panelists, artists, vendors, and performers now to update them on the situation. Refunds where applicable will be discussed shortly. Those who purchased merchandise will still be able to claim it at a later date. More information is to come.

SwampCon staff will be holding a digital AMA at a later date where you will be able to ask us directly about the situation and we will answer your questions. We will do our best to respond to any questions in the comments or other messages on social media, but please bear with us as we are working behind the scenes in light of this decision.

Once again, we apologize for the timing of this announcement. We are all devastated to make this decision and we understand how this decision effects all of you as well. Please keep checking our social media and we will give you updates as we get them.