Confirming JezzabellGem as a Costume Contest Judge and Cosplay Guest!

JezzabellGem is back for another wonderful time at SwampCon V!

JezzabellGem is a Florida based cosplayer, costumer and prop maker as well as a ‘positive cosplay’ and ‘anti-bullying’ advocate, and the founder of Heroes United Against Cosplay Bullying.

To JezzabellGem, Graphic Designer and video game lover turned cosplayer and social advocate, it’s a powerful creative outlet that isn’t just fun — it’s a positive platform that can help channel inner strength and help participants discover how to feel good about themselves, embrace their uniqueness and learn new skills along the way.

JezzabellGem has been cosplaying for the last 8 years. She’s taken it more seriously as a business by creating costumes and props, cosplaying, attending conventions as a guest and giving informative and supportive panels steadily for the last two years.

She’s a multi-genre fan, loves all things horror, and her favorite video game is STILL Skyrim. She’s an old school Rocky Horror, A Clockwork Orange, Pee-Wee Herman and Ren and Stimpy enthusiast and her favorite character since childhood is Wonder Woman.

Visit her website at To see every day updates and find out more, follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Plus watch her new adventures on YouTube and check out her TEDx talk on The Power of Cosplay.


Announcing More Devine Designs as a Costume Contest Judge and Cosplay Guest!

We are proud to welcome More Devine Designs, winner of the SwampCon 2015 Costume Contest, as a costume contest judge for SwampCon V!

More Devine has been cosplaying for 2 years and is a self taught seamstress. Although mostly known for her Korra and Poison Ivy cosplay, she enjoys doing more obscure characters or popular characters’ not obscure outfits such as Jasmine’s Peasant outfit or Pocahontas’s ballgown from the 2nd movie. As far as genre goes she’s willing to cosplay all of anime, comics, and cartoons, though likes to do nostalgic cartoons mostly.


SwampCon V – Vendors Contract

Attention vendors and artists! The Vendors Contract for SwampCon V is online! Please read the contract carefully, as it is the official contract with the University of Florida that will allow you to set up shop during SwampCon V. A notable requirement is that all applicants will need a vendors license with the State of Florida, if you have one already, or know how to apply for one, then you are good to go. If you do not, we will be providing all the information we can find as soon as we can to help make this process easier.

You can find a copy of the contract here.

Email any questions concerning the contract to


Email works again! Send us your questions!

We finally have our emails up and running again! You can now send us your questions to any of the following emails: – For all general questions – For questions pertaining to sponsorship and vendors

More emails to come!

Note the subtle change to .org.


Announcing the SwampCon V Costume Contest!

We are officially announcing the SwampCon V Costume Contest!

The Costume Contest allows talented designers to showcase their abilities at creating and modeling costumes based on characters from video games, anime, manga, sci-fi shows and movies, or Japanese culture. Everyone, from novices to experienced designer, is welcomed to enter. Costumes will be pre-judged before the contest event, during which each contestant will be presented on the main stage. After all contestants have been presented the winners will be announced and given their prizes.

Check out the rules here.

Register for the Costume Contest here.