Seoulmates was formed by Emily Stanton and Rachel Seaman in 2013. It started as a local radio show on and evolved into a podcast in 2015. Twice a month, Emily and Rachel discuss the latest in K-pop, anime, dramas and nerd culture in their half hour podcast. They documented their travels to Japan and South Korea through the podcast and Seoulmates’ YouTube channel. Check out Seoulmates Podcast at

Emily and Rachel are both SwampCon alums and are excited to return as guests.

Bill Hatfield

William Hatfield is the author of Captive Audience, Duel Roles, and Tough Crowd, the first three installments of his SF series, Fists of Earth. He also has two quirky LGBT novels set in Key West, Menu for Murder and Blown Choices, putting his characters through their first serious hurricane season. He is currently working on the third installment of the LBGT novels with Bare Soles, a light-humored and lightly dressed study into the mayhem of crime lord kidnappings and nude resorts in Mexico. He lives in Gainesville with his mad scientist wife, and their two feline daughters.

Barry Yandell

Barry Yandell is a proud member of Actors’ Equity Association. An award winning educator for 21 years, he has appeared on several regional and national stages including a national tour of South Pacific starring Jodi Benson (Disney’s Little Mermaid). Favorite roles include Sweeney (Sweeney Todd), Sparky (Forever Plaid), Wicked Witch/Miss Gulch (The Wizard of Oz). As a voice actor , much of his work is currently featured on The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and FUNimation. Popular characters include William T. Spears (Black Butler),Yoki (Full Metal Alchemist), Mr.2 Bon Clay (One Piece), Little Demon (Soul Eater) among many others. His voices is also featured on numerous video games,—most notably the Borderlands series. One of his favorite things to do is meet the numerous fans of his television shows , films and games!

America Whammy Productions

Formed in 2008 under the name “The Game Show Gurus”, America Whammy Productions is a not-for-profit professional organization that designs, creates, operates, and performs various interactive entertainment events for conventions.

Specializing in Game Shows, their highly experienced team have created and developed game shows, panels, and other original programming for a number of regionally and nationally known fan conventions and events focusing and specializing in a variety of genres in popular culture, Japanese culture, Otaku culture, and other various cultures and fandoms alongside also making appearances in community events as well.

America Whammy Productions has been producing panels and shows for 8 years! FWE’s unparalleled experience in multiple aspects of conventions ensures and allows them to be prepared for any unexpected request and lets them keep a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to the future.

America Whammy’s Board of Directors oversees the entire organization and ensure that the company is moving in the right direction and not moving away from the original core ideals that it was founded on. AWP  is also backed by a support team of over 20 individuals who lend their time and talent to helping AWP achieve its mission statement of bringing quality Interactive Entertainment to conventions across the country.

America Whammy Productions’s goal is to provide an entertainment experience that will leave every participant with a lasting impression on AWP, the host convention, and various cultures as well. AWP’s proud to have the honor of saying they’ve been around for 8 years, and they will work hard to continue to bring professional, engaging entertainment to the masses!

Mark Pariani – Productions

Mark Pariani – Productions is a Florida born photographer and architectural designer. He is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied both architecture and photography. He has been featured in multiple professional art galleries and has several published photo works and awards. Mark has been photographing in the cosplay and convention community for about 5 years and is very excited to be returning to SwampCon this year. Please visit his FREE photo booth, open the entire weekend.

Mekaella DeMure


With over 15 years in the entertainment industry Lady Mekaella DeMure, is the 2017 second in state of the Florida Burlypicks regionals as well as the Go 2018 Master of Comedy, who has performed at the NOLA Nerdlesque festival with Her Deadpool & Anastasia acts. She’s performed at Florida Supercon, Spooky Empire Con, Away Mission Orlando Conventions,Paradise city comicon, The Tampa Tattoo Convention, various afterparties for Mega & Metro con in Orlando and Tampa as well as the Florida anime convention unofficial afterparties. She travels as far south as Miami to perform Fire, Burlesque, Nerdlesque, & sideshow acts. She’s the cosplayer behind the viral Anastasia ‘Once Upon A December’ transformation dress, the female stiltwalking Groot & the Hormone Monstress Cosplay videos. She is also the founder of cosplay volunteer group Untied Universes, a cosplay for a cause organization for child services fundraising and costumed hospital visits. Lady Mekaella, as an intersectional feminist is also involved in activism & education on body positivity, sex workers rights, sex education, & equality in arts & cosplay communities & loves panel discussions on such subjects including body COSpositivity and women in fandom subjects.

Countess Alyx

Alyx began cosplay in 2009. The love for costuming began with her love of theater and performance. Her first cosplay was in 2009 as Namine from Kingdom Hearts II, hand made and simple in design, debuted at Anime Festival Orlando. Alyx has always had a love of animation and in her early cosplay days many of her cosplays consisted of anime and cartoon characters. There’s something so fun about taking something drawn simply and interpreting every detail to the character’s personality and timeline. Alyx is also a huge fan of makeup artistry and looks to bring a new challenge to her cosplay wardrobe every year. Her first cosplay to use prosthesis was Steven Universe’s Pearl in 2016. Since exploring newer avenues in makeup through cosplay Alyx has taught several cosplay and SFX makeup classes for young cosplayers in the North Florida area. Alyx has been featured in several cosplay magazines as well as a calendars and is an award winning cosplayer in the state of Florida.

Bastille the Butler

Bastille, a macabre wolf skull-faced apparition made flesh, pledged its life and loyalties to his masters that made him and serve as thier timeless butler. Unseen but to the purest of mortal eyes, Bastille is a virtually invisible body guard to any who would intend to cause harm to his masters or their friends. An unwelcome terror to any with ill will and a perfect host to those who mean no harm.



Dani Sciacca

Dani Sciacca is a model, actress, and cosplayer from Los Angeles, California and raised in Parkland, Florida. Dani has been cosplaying professionally for over 10 years and has appeared at dozens of conventions and events. Her career as a cosplayer began with Star Trek and Doctor Who conventions and quickly lead to all sorts of events. She has cosplayed tons of characters and is most well known as the very first Suicide Squad Harley Quinn to appear on Hollywood BLVD as a professional character performer! Outside of cosplaying you can find Dani acting in horror films or making music. She has recently starred in The Witch Chronicles, Rotting Love, Lillith, Dead Bloodline and appeared in Art of the Dead. She is very excited to be a guest at her first Swampcon and can not wait to meet everyone!



Kohei is an IFA United Nations international ambassador singer (commanded by the United Nations) Apollo winner 2014, Finalist in McDonald’s Gospelfest 2016, 2017, 2018, Official MC at Japan Fes 2017 and 2018, featured on Fox TV Steve Harvey Show and featured on M-On TV with Japanese recording artist The Rampage from Exile Tribe. Kohei is releasing his new songs ‘All About You’ ‘Power To The People” as well as a cover  of “Haruka Kanata” from Naruto.




Faery (@F4ery) has been cosplaying anime and video game characters since she was 16. Now at 21 she is an online cosplay influencer and loves what she does! She is based in The Villages, Florida and travels to different conventions! She fell in love with cosplaying at a young age and never let the passion go, always creating and speaking about her next projects! She’s always open to helping others with their costumes and wigs and loves to help others feel confident in themselves. She’s so excited to see everyone and meet new people so don’t be shy about saying hi or taking photos with her!

Noise Complaint

Noise Complaint presents a live Cosplay Tap Dance Theatre show! Noise Complaint is a group of professional tap dancers who perform full sets of choreographed dances as characters from Marvel Comics, RWBY, Disney, Old School Cartoons and more. Noise Complaint’s dances are choreographed using music that is either directly taken from or inspired by currently trending or favorite movies, TV shows and video games. Their show brings to life epic battles and famed alliances on the stage and combines it with entertaining choreography and catchy rhythms!




SakuraNatsu is a free Gainesville, FL based annual Japanese Culture Festival and Anime Convention co-founded and run by two college students, Marya Ali and Lindsay Bolton. SakuraNatsu has hosted 3 festivals, and our performance team has hosted a total of 12 panels thus far at various conventions in FL. The mission of our festival is to celebrate Japanese Culture with the community and to inspire our community to achieve amazing goals and ambitions that they have as well. We hope you will join us for our “A Ghibli Adventure Through Japan” Performance and our “BNHA Prom Gone Wrong” Panels at Swampcon 2018. Find us on Instagram: @sakuranatsu_con , YouTube: SakuraNatsu Convention, Gmail @sakuranatsuconvention, and our Website:


 Fudgie is an award winning cosplayer, she has won best in shows, craftsmanship awards, and competed internationally. She is vocal about issues in the cosplay world and is always willing to help a fellow cosplayer that needs advice with a costume, wig, sewing techniques and etc. When you see her, don’t be afraid to speak, she loves meeting new people!



Miss Koumori Cosplay

Miss Koumori is a cosplayer and graphic artist based in Jacksonville, Florida, originating from eastern North Carolina. Her costuming career began at the age of 10 when she created a thrift store Amy Rose costume for Halloween. After attending her first convention, Animazement 2008, she fell in love with cosplay and has been constructing handmade costumes ever since. While she loves all aspects of the craft, from sewing to armor making, her specialty is big bat wings! Recently, Miss Koumori began filming cosplay tutorials for her Youtube channel in the hopes of becoming a mentor to any aspiring cosplayer. She has been attending Swampcon since 2012 and looks forward to meeting all of you this year!