MARSHCORP Proudly Presents: SWAMPCON 2020

Good evening con-goers, Marsh Corporation is beyond ͟thri̴ll͟ed̴ to ̵we ̴a̶re͞ b͜e̕y̴ón̨d ţhr̀il̨led̀ to w̧̛e̢̧ ̢̛a͜r҉e wȩ ͝a͏r҉e ̢Ẁ͟͡E̛ ̴͜AR͞E̸͝ CÓ͢N͏

swampcon attendees... MARSHCORP is a threat to your con experience and they’ve now taken over swampcon. they’re planning it for March 14th-15th, it’ll be at the Reitz Student Union in Gainesville, Florida, totally free, just like always. but don’t worry, we’re on your side. keep your eyes open and your wits about you. we will protect swampcon. DO NOT TRUST MARSH CORP. JOIN THE RESISTANCE!