Saturday Panel Schedule

Panel Room 1 (Room 2365)

Camp Camp and the Art of Storytelling (PG-13)

Come learn about RoosterTeeth’s latest hit animation series, Camp Camp! We’ll focus on how the show tells its story and how that has evolved over its three (3) seasons. See how its comedy is used to tackle dark themes and issues, how characters have developed beyond basic caricatures into complete, well-rounded people, and how its pacing is used to tell complex stories.

Adventure is Out There (PG)

Welcome to Gravity Falls! Where almost anything is possible! Join some of your favorite characters and feel free to ask questions and have some fun!

It’s…The Adventure Zone! (PG-13)

Come hang out in The Adventure Zone with some of your favorite characters! Join The IPRE crew and get to ask some questions and hopefully get some competent answers. There may or may not be dice rolls included.

Thrift Store Sass: Costuming/Cosplaying on a Budget (PG)

Costuming is no joke and neither is the COST of putting together your favorite characters. Let us show you how to put together a terrific cosplay out of your own closet and the nearest thrift store! From anime to Marvel, tips and tricks for us broke folks who still want to show our dedication to the art of costuming. We will have games and a door prize weaved into our presentation!

The Witcher Trivia (18+)

Do you enjoy playing The Witcher games? Do you know it better than other gamers out there? Well, if so, come to this The Witcher trivia panel and see just how well you know the game!

Panel Room 2 (Room 2355)

The Reality of Kpop (PG-13)

Want to know what it’s really like to be a kpop stan? Want to meet and discuss with other people who get your struggles and frustrations? Want to know what kpop is all about? Look no further, because this is the reality of kpop.

Kdramas You Should Be Watching (PG-13)

Seoulmates Podcast discusses the best television shows South Korea has to offer.

An Introduction to Weightlifting for Nerds (PG)

This panel is intended to give total beginners the grounding they need to explore the world of weightlifting. Whether your goal is to achieve the physique for a picture perfect All Might cosplay, or you just want to become Harder To Kill, this panel will address how weightlifting is relevant to you, and give you the tools to get started.

Podcasting 101 (PG-13)

Ray Hancock a podcast producer and creator has over 6 years of podcasting experience. This is an introduction to the world of podcasting, with a Q&A

This Panel is Bananas: Bananas in Anime (PG)

Anime and Bananas having a very surprising relationship. Come learn about the vast amount of banana themed anime this amazing world has to offer.

Panel Room 3 (Room 2360)

North Florida Ghostbusters – A Charity Costuming Group (PG-13)

Come learn about the North Florida Ghostbusters team, a Ghost Corps/Sony Pictures approved costuming group and what they do for their communities.

Sonic Retrospective (PG-13)

As Sonic the Hedgehog approaches his third decade of relevancy, we offer a broad retrospective of the Hedgehog’s history. We’ll cover the golden years, the dark ages, the triumphs, the stumbles, the spin-offs, the weird one-offs, and the constantly changing fortunes of the original mascot with attitude. Revamped with more blast processing, the Sonic Retrospective+ has been revised to be faster, longer, and funnier than ever before! Stick around for a chance at winning a raffle prize!

Gamemastering by the Seat of Your Pants (PG)

Too broke to buy books? No time to read the modules? Players pulling in every direction but the plot? Join a couple of experienced gamemasters for a relaxed panel of tips and tricks for low budgets, lack of prep-time, and unexpected player decisions. Learn to game by the seat of your pants!

Wig Styling 101 (G)

Alachua County Library Cosplay Club presents Wig Styling 101. Come learn the different kinds of wigs, where to shop, what tools to find, and basics of styling!

Disney Sing-Along (G)

Are you a Disney fan? Do you have years of experience singing along to your favorite Disney movies? Are your skills just wasting away, unused and unappreciated by family and friends? Well this is the panel for you! Come join us for DISNEY SINGALONG! Where we stream music videos from your favorite Disney movies and everyone joins in! Whether you sing like a star or croak like a toad, we want YOU!!

An Introduction to Astral Projection (PG-13)

Learn how to have an out of body experience by practicing astral projection.

Panel Room 4 (Room 2320)

Stand Off: Jojo Pose Competition (PG-13)

Here a panel of judges will watch and critique your own unique Jojo character pose or an existing character you choose. Based off Jojo knowledge, difficulty, and overall style the winner will receive a prize.

Thieves Guild Stage Combat (G)

Captain’s Meeting (PG-13)

Come out and see your favorite Haikyuu Captains and Co- Captains discuss insider information on this years season. Get every secret information that makes our teams the best in all of Japan.

The Arcana Play Truth or Dare (PG-13)

Your favorite characters from The Arcana have come together to please their glorious Count Lucio with his favorite game- Truth or Dare! Come out and supply them with some truths and dares, or simply watch and laugh along.

Panel Room 5 (Room 2325)

Cosplay Makeup 101 (G)

Come learn about the basics of cosplay makeup and how you can transform yourself into any character with the swipe of a brush!

J-Pop Idols 101 (G)

Are you interested in Japanese idols but don’t know where to start? Here’s an introductory course just for you! Come find out what makes Japanese idol culture unique and learn about the most recent influential idol groups. We’ll also go over some unique underground idols who’s concepts will shock you!

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes Live (PG-13)

Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes is a group of portly bearded gentlemen who do a weekly nerdy/pop culture podcast. Come listen, laugh and ask questions at the Q&A.

So You Want to Start an Indie Comic? A Guide for the New Creator. (PG)

So you wanna start an indie-comic? You have a story to tell that you can no longer contain? Really? Ok then… This is what you should do to take the first steps. From conception to development to publication, this is how it’s done! Local creators, C Matthew Foote and Ryan English (Creative team for The Vigis) and Sydney Davidson (Artist/Writer for Lunacy) will explain the path they took to making their comic book dreams a reality!

Cloud9 Love Live Sunshine Performance (G)

Cloud9 comes all the way from Tampa to perform as your favorite Idols from Love Live! Sunshine ! Come watch us perform and cheer us on! Don’t forget your light sticks!

Youtube Poop and Internet Remix Culture (18+)

Join the YTP Movement as this panel showcases how YouTube Poop and other cases of Internet Remix culture has benefited tons of people for their future careers. It’s also just an excuse to show the audience Dinner Blaster (Come and find out what that means.)

Panel Room 6 (Room 2330)

Signs of Fantasy (G)

Join us for a K-Pop and Fantasy music mashup featuring live ASL musical performances! Learn some internationally used sign language that can take your multi-lingual cosplay to the next level.

All About Otome: You have HOW MANY Boyfriends?! (PG-13)

Ever wondered what it would be like to have multiple boyfriends that exist only for you and expect nothing in return? Come venture into the land of otome, dating sims designed for girls, and find your perfect match! Includes a discussion of otome games available in English, anime based on otome, and the types of characters you’re likely to fall in love with. (Ninjas, Demons, and Princes, oh my!)

Relationships of Swords and Staffs to Aikido (G)

Panel Room 7 (Room 2340)

What is Wotagei? How to Cheer on Your Favorite Idols (G)

Have you ever watched a Japanese idol performance and wondered what people in the audiences were yelling about? Have you seen people wave their glow sticks in unison motions and wondered what that meant? Have you wanted to join in on the fun yourself but felt too confused on where to start? Get ready to lose your voice and break a sweat at this interactive panel on what wotagei is!

Two Rooms and a Boom (PG)

A Large Group, Hidden Role, Social Deduction game; 15 minute playtime. You must use your skills of deduction to find your teammates and accomplish your mission. One group wants to protect the president at all costs, the other wants to blow them up. The real question is, who is the President and who is the Bomber? The game will be played multiple times during this panel.

Kpop Random Dance Game (PG)

Come join the Kpop Random Dance Game! Dance along to your favorite new and old kpop songs, or just come to watch and enjoy!

Panel Room 8 (Room 2350)

SwampCon Art Room

Viewing Room (The Chamber)

Crunchyroll Viewing Room
11:00 AM –
Card Captor Sakura
12:30 PM –
My Hero Academia
2:00 PM – Love Live Sunshine
3:30 PM – Boruto
5:00 PM – Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid
6:30 PM –
Kono Subarashii
8:00 PM –
Cowboy Bebop
9:30 PM –
Osomatsu-San (18+)

Sunday Panel Schedule

Panel Room 1 (Room 2365)

Cosplay on a Budget (PG)

We are cosplayers, some are in school, some just dont have good jobs, AKA we are broke! in this panel we will talk about cosplaying on a budget with tips and tricks on how to make props, cheaper fabrics, worbla substitutions, making a sad wig look a lot better. and generally upping your cosplay game with the limited funds we all have!!!

Power Rangers Power Hour 2 (PG-13)

After the huge success of last year’s panel come join again for Power Rangers Power Hour 2 come have some fun and let’s make it another great panel!

Eerie Florida (PG)

Explore the myths, monsters and legends from the dark side of the Sunshine State with the authors of “Eerie Florida”

Guess That Kpop Tune! (PG)

Victor & Chris / Yuri on Ice!!! (PG)

Come join Victor and Chris after their day at pool! Ask questions, share some laughs, and just have a good time in general!

Panel Room 2 (Room 2355)

Anime Jeopardy (PG)

Come have fun and test your Otaku Knowledge! Whether a beginner or an Anime guru. We welcome all to ANIME JEOPARDY!

The Fall of Voltron (PG-13)

How did Voltron: Legendary Defender go from being Animation’s latest masterpiece to a scorned and hated show? Come find out at this panel! We’ll explore the storylines and arcs of each season/character, the evolution of the fandom, and the mistakes and tribulations of the team behind the show, and how all those things combined led to catastrophe.

Waluigi’s Dating Simulator (PG)

Come learn about and demo our Waluigi Dating Simulator experience! A group of 90+ art students and game developers are currently involved in the making of this game. We invite your suggestions and creativity! WAAAAAAAAA

A Very Miraculous Fan Discussion (PG)

Want to scream about Miraculous Ladybug but have no one to listen to you? You’ve come to the right place! Come join us as we discuss our favorite characters, ships, theories, and the show as a whole and have some trivia fun!

Panel Room 3 (Room 2360)

An Introduction to 3D Printing (G)

Sushi and Being a Sushi Chef (G)

Learn about sushi, being a sushi chef, and how to prep a roll!

Pokemon, Probabilities, and Pancakes: The Data Science Debate of Kanto (G)

Everyone wants to be the very best like no one ever was. Let our data science team convince you on which starter Pokémon you should choose in the Kanto region. If you have a passion for Pokémon you need to join the debate!

Fate/Type-Moon Universe Fan Panel (PG-13)

The Type-Moon Universe Fan Panel discusses upcoming and previously released properties that fall under the Type-Moon umbrella. This includes popular titles like Fate/Stay Night, Apocrypha, and Heaven’s Feel. As well as lesser known works such as Tsukihime and Kara No Kyoukai. In addition to discussion, we host a Q&A session and attempt to get to know the community! We hope to see you at the panel!

Moe Military (PG-13)

An intro to the military moe genre with history/military trivia and prizes!

Panel Room 4 (Room 2320)

Critical Role Q&A (PG-13)

Your favorite adventuring team, the Mighty Nein, just so happens to be visiting, and as such, has graciously decided to answer the questions of their loving fans. All are welcome to join in a fun interactive panel hosted by the lovable Mollymauk Tealeaf, featuring many of your favorite characters from the podcast Critical Role.

An Introduction to Blender for 3D Printing (G)

Blender is a free piece of software to create 3d models that can then be printed out. We will give a brief over view of some other 3D modeling software and then dive in to some of the power available to you with Blender.

An Hour of Voltron Shenanigans (PG-13)

We will be doing a Q&A in Character! Fun games of Truth or Dare and an Anime Dating Game ! There will be giveaways and more!

Homestuck Group Therapy (PG-13)

Come have a trip down memory lane with your old friends Karkat and Vriska. Engage in a mediated discussion about iconic moments and personal experiences within Homestuck and the Homestuck fandom.

Panel Room 5 (Room 2325)

Animal Crossing: A General Chat and Play Party! (G)

Are you a lover of Animal Crossing? Do you want to meet more people who play, chat about the game, and possibly win some in game loot? Then this is the panel for you! We will be discussing game tips, the differences between the games, and how to make your town the best possible! Bring your Animal Crossing New Leaf game and possibly win our grand prize!

Furby Meetup (PG)

Fun and casual meetup for furbies and furby fans!

3D Printing and Cosplay (G)

3D Printing and Cosplay! What can 3D printing do for you and your outfit? What are some good online resources? Where can I get printing done? How can I get a file made to be printed out? We will have a lot of 3 d printed costume accessories for you to look at.

Panel Room 6 (Room 2330)

Yua: Live at SwampCon 2019! (G)

Like Love Live or Idolmaster? AKB48 or Wasuta? Yua is an idol-inspired performer here to give an authentic idol experience to wotas of all kinds! Come find out what makes idols so special and learn to do wotagei like the pros.

Would You Like to Become a Video Game Designer? (G)

Today your journey begins on the road to becoming a great video game designer. In this presentation you get to participate in the design of a simple game built from the ground up. Bring your laptop and follow along. We will cover game programming, building graphical assets creating game menus and polishing games with music and sound effects.

Morning Sunrise LIVE! (G)

Good morning, sunshines!! Calina, Kei and Mimi from Morning Sunrise (Mosuri) are here to sing, dance and spread the joy of idol music! Come see them perform some jpop idol classics as well as their own original songs! We’ll be bringing the sunshine, so come on in and soak it up with Mosuri!

μmbrellaPop! LIVE (G)

Come join the members of Muse as they perform just for you! μmbrellaPop! is a Tampa, FL based LoveLive!/LoveLive! Sunshine!! performance group and we are super excited to perform for you! Come join us for a show you’ll never forget. There will be dancing, games, and even a Q&A with our members!

Matthew Suite

Mothman’s Great Escape! (Room)

Brought to you by PETC (People for the Ethical Treatment of Cryptids) comes a thrilling experience where you, yes you, can help free Mothman before he’s transported to Area 51–in just 10 minutes! Grab your closest friends (or strangers) and test your wits, here in what is definitely Point Pleasant, West Virginia!

Viewing Room (The Chamber)

Crunchyroll Viewing Room
11:00 AM –
My Love Story
12:30 PM –
Your Lie in April
2:00 PM – The Ancient Magus Bride
3:30 PM – Haikyuu!!
5:00 PM – Yurii! On Ice
6:30 PM –
Assassination Classroom
8:00 PM –


If you have any specific panel questions, feel free to reach out at or on our Facebook page.