Weapons & Props Guidelines for Swampcon: Frontier

Guidelines for Weapons vs. Props from UF Police Department

UFPD would prefer that no toy weapons are brought in so as not to cause problems.  If they are, they must meet the toy gun requirement described in the Department of Housing Handbook (http://www.housing.ufl.edu/media/pages/CommunityStandards.pdf).

The use of toy guns or weapons, which resemble real weapons is not permitted.

Toy guns which are permitted (i.e. nerf-type guns, water guns) must be clearly marked with bright colors and seen out in the open at all times. All weapons (as props) must be clearly marked/tagged with bright color tape by Gator Anime volunteers.

Guests are only permitted to wear masks inside an event room. They are not permitted to wear masks around campus or in public areas of the JWRU.